Why Your Financial Help is Needed

Make a Payment or Donation NowGenerous donations are required for our church’s conservation, especially for the ageing sandstone. Many stones need to be replaced due to structural damage and leakage. Financial contributions also assist with the repairs and maintenance of the church and its furnishings, the running of the Parish Office, the expenses of the Parish Priest and the Parish Secretary’s salary.

How You can Make a Contribution

1. One-off Payment or Automated Donations

Please consider doing this via:

  • electronic banking (full details available through the Parish Secretary); or
  • credit cards – Make a Payment or Donation NowAfter clicking on the link to the credit card facility on this website, please select the drop down lists according to the following payments/donations:
    Weddings for booking a wedding in the church
    Planned Giving An automated electronic alternative to using the weekly planned giving envelopes
    Baptisms for making a donation to the church for a Baptism
    General Donation donations for the conservation of the church and the Parish in general
    Events payments for sales of books, raffles, or any other parish events
    Pastoral Revenue donations for the clergy’s expenses
    Sacramental Programme payment for catechesis resources

2. Sunday Collections During Mass

Each Sunday, two collections are held during our Masses (one for our Parish; the other for the clergy’s expenses).

3. Weekly Planned Giving Envelopes

These are available from the Parish Secretary which can be put on either the first or second collection during any Sunday Mass. These planned giving envelopes enable you to make donations to St Benedict’s Church.

4. Bequests

Please also consider our Parish in making your Will. Bequests provide a lasting testimony to your involvement with the Parish, and will provide benefits for generations to come.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide will not be used in any way contrary to what is stated on the Privacy Policy of St Benedict’s Parish.

Thank you for considering to make a contribution. Your financial assistance will help perpetuate the witness this place of worship gives to Christ’s love in the inner city.