Family History Research

St Benedict’s Parish is a historical church in the inner-city where a good number of Catholics have ancestral roots. The earliest Baptism in our Baptism Register dates back to 1869, as does the earliest Marriage in the Marriage Register. The Funeral Register dates back to 1919. (click here for a complete list of Parish Registers). Earlier records are sometimes available in the Sydney Archdiocesan Archives, as St Benedict’s and its clergy were closely associated with St Mary’s Cathedral in the 19th century.

Before you make a request for information from our parish registers please consult the parish’s privacy policy. In view of privacy legislation and standard archival practice, we usually limit the provision of an extract from a register involving a Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, first Holy Communion or sick call that took place in the last 70 years to the person(s) about whom the information relates.