Previous Parish Priests

Fr Patrick Bonaventure Geoghegan ofm 1 January – March 1839

Fr Bonaventure Geoghegan, first Parish Priest of St Benedict’s

Fr Platt 1839

Fr Young

Fr Farrelly

Fr Hogan

Fr McEncroe 1843

Fr Farrelly 1846

Fr Mellitus A. Corish osb October 1850 – 30 June 1864


Fr Mellitus Corish in his Benedictine cowl

Fr Timothy McCarthy 1864–68

Fr Patrick Carroll 1869–70

Fr John Dwyer osb 1872

Fr James Byrne osb 1873

Dean Patrick Slattery 1875–78

Dean Edward O’Brien 1878–87

Dean O’Brien was in charge of St Benedict’s in the foundation days of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in the parish

Monsignor C. L. Coonan (Administrator) 1888–89

+ Bishop Joseph Higgins 1890–1899


Bishop Joseph Higgins

Fr John Robinson (Administrator) 1889–91

Fr Francis Timoney cp (Administrator) 1892–96

Fr John Carroll (Administrator) 1897–1903

Fr Carroll left St Benedict’s when he was appointed the second Bishop of Lismore

+ Archbishop Michael Kelly 1902–11


Archbishop Michael Kelly

Fr James Furlong (Administrator) 1903–09

Fr John Byrne (Administrator) 1910–12

Fr Thomas Barry (Administrator) 1913–19

Fr John Halpin (Administrator) 1920–26

+ Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Sheehan 1923–35


Archbishop Michael Sheehan

Fr John Muirhead (Administrator) 1927–32

Cyril B. Callaghan (Administrator) 1932–35

Monsignor John Norris 1935–50


Monsignor Norris Catholic Church Chronicle, vol. 14, no. 31, November 1935, cover.

Fr Patrick Landers (Administrator) 1950–51

Fr John Roche 1952–67

Fr William Malone (Administrator) July 1955-56 [when Fr Roche was serving as chaplain aboard the R. N. aircraft carrierVengeance]

+ Bishop William Murray 1967–72 [William Murray was first appointed Assistant Priest in the parish in June 1960]

Fr Terence Purcell 1973–2005


Fr Terence Purcell (1922–2006) celebrates his last Mass at St Benedict’s

Fr John Neill OP, 1 March 2005 – 1 March 2009

Fr John Neill (2005-2009)

Fr John Neill (2005-2009)








Fr Michael de Stoop 2009–2015

Fr Epeli Qimaqima (Administrator) 2015 –